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What does a Testledare/QA lead do?
About the role
Test leaders, also known as QA (Quality Assurance) leads, are responsible for ensuring the quality of software products through systematic testing. They lead testing teams, plan testing processes, and collaborate closely with developers and project managers. Often, they have a background in computer science, systems science, or other relevant higher education.
Test leaders develop testing strategies, oversee the implementation of test cases, and report on test results. They identify and document bugs and deficiencies, and follow up on these until they are resolved. Ensuring that test environments are correctly set up and maintained is also part of their responsibilities.
Skills and tools
Test leaders need to have good knowledge of testing methodologies and tools such as Selenium, JIRA, and TestRail. They must be skilled in creating automated tests and have a strong analytical ability. Communication and leadership skills are also important in order to effectively lead and coordinate testing teams. Common competencies demanded by employers are testautomatisering/test automation, jira systemutvecklingsverktyg and scrum systemutvecklingsmetod.

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Teknisk testare

JENSEN Education School AB
Yrkeshögskoleutbildning, program
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