Jobnet AIWith Jobnet AI, we help all recruiters to a more comfortable process. Less administration and more time for what really matters - selecting the right candidates.

Jobnet AI shortens your way to the candidates

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“I have specific knowledge from 4.5 million job advertisements. I am a copywriter, translator, and I have insight into salary levels for various professional roles. My task is to assist and guide.”— Jobnet AI-assistant

How it works

1. Brief

Hi! I'll help you create a complete job listing. Start with a brief description of the person you're looking for.
A self-driven developer with experience in React

2. Ad draft

High quality with minimal effort – edit with an assistant skilled in language and following guidelines to avoid discrimination, promote inclusion, and correct use of language.Jobnet AI edit listing example

3. Selection

Selection criteria are determined based on the job listing's content. Only candidates who meet the requirements will proceed. Bid farewell to CV spam in your inbox!
Selection example

4. Evaluation

A quality-based points system is used for each candidate who submits an application. The score is based on their knowledge of the required skills, personal attributes, and experience.
Candidate scores

5. Handle candidates

Now that Jobnet AI has done its part, you can select the top candidates for the position using Jobnet's unique recruitment dashboard.
Candidate management

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