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A smoother way to conduct recruitments. Get a freemium account and receive access to our candidate management tool completely free of charge!
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Full control over applicants

With Jobnet’s candidate management interface, you can easily see where your candidates are in the recruitment process. All information, questions, and documents for a candidate are gathered in one place.
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Create job listings easier than ever with Jobnet AI

With the help of Jobnet AI, you can create attractive and professional ads in no time. In just five minutes, a high-quality draft is generated, which you can then edit with the assistance of AI.

Once the ad is published, applications arrive directly into the candidate management system, where only candidates who meet the selection criteria move forward. It's fast, visually appealing, and user-friendly for all parties involved.
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“With Jobnet's platform, I create greater value for my candidates & clients in my processes. The employer is presented in a pleasant and authentic way, which interests more qualified candidates to apply for the position. The platform is user-friendly & saves me a lot of time.”— Elin Mankert, Mankert Agency

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Manage candidates and try creating ads using AI. Simple account registration with no hidden costs.


  • Try job listing ad creation with Jobnet AI
  • Dashboard for candidate management
  • Salary statistics
  • Demo companies
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Ad space

2900 SEK / month

Get full access to an all-in-one system for recruitment. No costs at all when recruitments at the company are paused.

Includes everything in freemium, plus:

  • Publish job listings on Jobnet to receive applications
  • Publishing to LinkedIn and the employment agency
  • Get only relevant applications - a filter against CV spam
  • Possibility to create hidden job listings
  • Quality score for each application
  • + Optional - a selection of packages for marketing on social media platforms
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