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What does a IT-arkitekt/Lösningsarkitekt do?
About the role
IT architects play a key role in the design of IT systems and infrastructure. They combine technical expertise with an understanding of business needs to create robust and efficient IT solutions. Often, they have a college education in computer science or similar and several years of experience in the IT industry.
IT architects are responsible for developing IT strategies and architectural models that support the organization's goals. They collaborate with various departments to ensure that IT solutions meet functionality and performance requirements. They also oversee the implementation of technical solutions and ensure that these are scalable and secure.
Skills and tools
IT architects need in-depth knowledge of networks, databases, cloud services, and programming. They use tools like UML to model architectures and are accustomed to working with platforms such as AWS or Azure. Strong analytical skills and the ability to communicate complex ideas are essential. Common competencies demanded by employers are amazon web services (aws) molnplattform, systemutveckling and java programmeringsspråk.

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Högskolan i Gävle
Högskoleutbildning, program
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