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Demand in the labor market



How is the value calculated?
ForecastAnticipation of future needs for current competence.
TrendDevelopment over time compared to other similar competencies.
FrequencyHow often employers request competence in relevant occupations.
Is Nätverksteknik popular?
It is relatively popular, but less in demand than for example Programmering. Although the trend among employers is that demand is increasing.
In which jobs is Nätverksteknik used?
The occupation with the strongest connection to this competency is Nätverkstekniker, while IT-tekniker/Datatekniker and Helpdesktekniker/Supporttekniker also have a strong connection. The most common occupational group for this competency is Nätverks- och systemtekniker m.fl..
What do you earn in professions that use Nätverksteknik?
The majority of jobs are in the occupational group Nätverks- och systemtekniker m.fl. where the average salary is 44 400 kr.
What is popular that is similar to Nätverksteknik?
Of similar competencies, LAN, Brandväggar and IT-säkerhet are the most in demand.
Demand over time for the competence Nätverksteknik. Here compared to the entire occupational group Drift-, support- och nätverkstekniker m.fl..
Drift-, support- och nätverkstekniker m.fl.

Associated occupations

Average salary for occupations that have the strongest connection to Nätverksteknik
Category and occupation
Connection to competency
Occupation demand
Nätverks- och systemtekniker m.fl.
Average salary44 400SEK
Drifttekniker, IT
Average salary40 200SEK
Supporttekniker, IT
Average salary37 000SEK