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What does a Systemadministratör do?
About the role
System administrators are responsible for installing, supporting, and maintaining computer networks and systems. They are often educated in computer science or IT and have knowledge in various operating systems and network technologies. Their work is critical to ensuring the operation and security of an organization's IT infrastructure.
System administrators monitor system performance, configure new hardware and software components, and ensure network security. They perform regular system updates and backup procedures to prevent data loss. Managing user accounts and providing technical support is also an important part of their job.
Skills and tools
System administrators are proficient in tools and technologies such as Windows Server, Linux, Active Directory, and network configuration. They have skills in scripting languages like PowerShell or Bash to automate tasks. Problem-solving, time management, and communication skills are essential for the role. Common competencies demanded by employers are linux operativsystem, windows operativsystem and active directory programmeringsverktyg.

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Högskolan Kristianstad
Högskoleutbildning, program
Study pace 100%
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