Jobnet for companies

What we can offer to the growing company

More candidates and better matches
Reach more job seekers with the right personality, skills and experiences based on the needs of your business. With a modern approach, the process is more effective for both the jobseeker and the company.
Always the same fixed price
Being visible on the platform and having access to the analyzing tools costs SEK 990 per month. A successful recruitment costs SEK 69,000. We promise to deliver relevant and curious candidates within 1 month. No hidden fees or long contracts.
Better market research
With the help of our analyzing tool T-Rex (Tool for Recruitment Exploration), you get a clear and updated picture of the job market. Insights for specific roles regarding, for example, salary level and expected conditions in your region and industry.

Are you a great fit for us?

Does your business put it's employees in focus?
Does your company have an active agenda regarding sustainability?
Can you offer job seekers a thrilling workplace?
If you can answer yes to the questions above your company would be a great fit for Jobnet! Get in touch and we'll have a meeting.
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