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Göteborg, Vallgatan 3 • 0-3 Distance days
Göteborg, Vallgatan 3
0-3 Distance days
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Work at Smartr

Business developer and data analyst Erika and Data and AI developer Fredrik chats about what it's like to work at Smartr!


Benefits to society
Smartr works with sustainable and ethical AI that helps companies manage, refine and use data in a value-creating and responsible way. They explore AI from an economic, social and environmental perspective in hopes to be a positive force in society.

They do this by working with different projects that benefits to the society in one way or another:

  • Involved in the project E-nav which decreases cargo ships' environmental impact.
  • Partnering with companies who actively work with increasing women in the tech industry.
Active environmental choices
Smartr makes several different environmental choices to keep up with their sustainability work. They recycle at the office and have a policy about doing all travels by train, bus, tram, bike or by foot. They also make sure to have an environmental aspect when doing social activities and while purchasing products and services for the company.

Agenda 2030 is integrated in Smartrs work to create understanding, structure and a concrete plan for their sustainability work. They put extra focus on seven of the global goals.

Smartr is also a member of CSR Västsverige which is a network for sustainable business development that helps businesses develop long-term and value-creating sustainability work.
Smartr constantly strive towards a mix of genders among their employees. They educate themselves on the topic of gender equality and try to be a positive force in the field by having internal discussions and by building partnerships with other organizations with similar goals, like Women in Tech for example. To ensure a good gender mix at the company, gender equality has been and will continue to be a high priority in any recruitment.

Personal development

New employees are assigned a mentor as support who’s focus will be to help and navigate work and questions related to the projects during the employees first period at the company. The mentor is usually an experienced person that works with similar projects as the newcomer.

At Smartr they always encourage knowledge sharing between all levels. Their teams are divided into three sub teams and within each team they share their experience and knowledge of projects. This is combined with weekly meetings where project struggles and achievements are discussed.


Kontoret hos Smartr
 Smartrs office is located on the 2nd floor at Vallgatan 3 in central Gothenburg. The location makes it easy to reach different parts of the city by walking, biking or taking public transportation such as tram or bus.

The office layout is an open and creative co-working space with flexible seating, conference rooms and plenty of areas that are suitable for both relaxing and for the office parties. It’s spacious with high ceilings and big windows which makes the place airy and comfortable. They share the space with other data/AI agencies and in total there's 40 people at the office and 11 of them work for Smartr. 

Lunchtime at Smartr is their favorite time of the day because that's when they get to sit down together and chat, laugh and share stories. They do this either over food they’ve brought from home or that they’ve bought from one of many nice places nearby. Some of Smartrs favorite spots are Jinx, Wrapped, Jos and Brewers beer bar.

The office is located right next to the popular square on Magasinsgatan which offers both food trucks, restaurants and cafes with several lunch options and sun-safe outdoor spots. Located at the square is the popular bakery Da Matteo, so freshly baked goods at the office are not uncommon.
Future interest
The recruitment process for this job is paused for now, but you can monitor the listing and get notified when it's possible to apply